What are the types of APP development in Beijing


With the rapid development of the Internet, mobile terminal APP development and small program development have gradually become the mainstream development mode of the Internet, which also brings business growth and transformation and upgrading to many enterprises. App hot degree on the market is no less than the website giants, the value of APP development continues to magnify, cave technology that in the large market environment for enterprises, timely response to The Times to establish APP belonging to the enterprise can help, solve the enterprise to broaden the potential customer channels, increase the influence of the enterprise brand and other practical problems. Today, we will briefly analyze what types of Beijing APP development include, and do a simple foresight for enterprises.

There are two common patterns in APP development:

Is a native APP development, that is, traditional APP development mode, this kind of open mode is for IOS and Android mobile phone operating system, to adopt different language and framework for development, the development mode is usually by the cloud server data + APP client "sections, an APP all UI elements, data content, logic framework are installed on the mobile terminal.

Two is WedAPP development, namely web APP, it is a kind of framework type of APP development mode (HTML 5, APP framework development mode), the development model has the advantages of cross-platform, this pattern is usually by "HTML 5 cloud website + APP client" sections of the APP application client need to install the application of framework part, and the application of data is every time open the APP, go to the cloud data is presented to mobile phone users.

The above two APP development modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Enterprises can choose the appropriate APP development mode according to their own needs when carrying out APP development. Only by choosing the right mode can enterprises win better interests and create more value.

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