How much does it cost to develop an APP


For many Internet entrepreneurs, it's important to evaluate the upfront costs of starting a business. In the entrepreneurial tide in recent years, with the popularity of "Internet +" and "Internet thinking", many entrepreneurial projects choose to develop APP as the carrier of entrepreneurial projects. Many entrepreneurs I work with ask their App development team the first question: How much do I need to build an App for?

Disclosure: to develop an app the cause of the high cost in terms of most of the app project to develop an app standard project need to develop a set of server + android client + the iOS client + H5 side, if your component team, as a member of a team cost around 15-200000 a month salary, if you count the additional cost around 220-250000. If you need outsourcing, personal part-time, team or workshop, or professional app development company, offer cost will be a larger difference, the quality of the developed also have larger gap, general offer cost: personal team < < company, with the price and quality is proportional to: personal part-time team < < company.

So, what is the specific quotation reference standard for the APP when quoting? Whether it is an individual, a team, or a different company, the quotation evaluation method in the industry is based on the amount of work to determine the cost of the quotation, that is, how many individual days are needed to develop the whole project, and how much is charged per person per day. The total development cost can be obtained by multiplication of the two parameters. For example, to develop an O2O APP project, Android (50 person-days) + iOS (50 person-days) + back-end management system (50 person-days), the total number of developers per day is 150 people. If each person is charged at 1200 per day, the total development cost of the whole project is 180,000 yuan.

Many outsiders can not understand, how to develop an app to need such a high cost? Standing in the knowledge of the situation, a brief analysis:

1. The personnel configuration of developing an APP project is relatively complex. The development of a website only needs a developer on one side, while the development of an app needs a developer on three sides, which usually costs three times as much as the development of a website with the same function. The basic configuration of APP project personnel includes: product manager, a project manager, a UI designer, two background development engineers, two Android development engineers, two iOS development engineers, and two testers. For professional APP development companies, an individual or a team may take on multiple roles, so the quality of the developed projects cannot be guaranteed.

2. The labor cost of App development is higher than that of the website. Usually, the labor cost of a developer with more than three years of Android or iOS development experience will reach about 15K (due to the high demand for development talents in the current market environment, the labor cost of technology development is also high). Usually, the basic labor cost of an APP project is about 100,000-150,000 yuan, plus staff benefits, equipment, site, personnel management, marketing cost and business communication cost, basically, the basic input cost of an APP project is about 200,000-250,000 yuan. This does not include the gap period, the cost of recruitment, the risk of the project and other factors. This is the price that a company with a mature APP development team needs to pay. For a company with no APP development team and related development experience, this cost estimate needs to be doubled at least, and the development cycle needs to be long, so as to basically achieve the similar effect.

To sum up, how much does it cost to develop an app? It is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the functional requirements, quality requirements and platform end of the app, so as to evaluate the amount of manual design and development that need to be invested, so as to basically calculate the development cost of the app. The old adage "you get what you pay for" applies equally to the industry of custom app development. Of course, it is recommended that when looking for an APP development team, the goods are more than a few, after all, there are still some contracting teams in the industry to raise the price, but also a lot of low price malicious competition, which also leads to the development of many projects out of the quality is completely uncontrollable, leading to some entrepreneurial projects died halfway.

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