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How to do web design? Is web design difficult? I believe that a lot of friends who want to learn web design have thought about this problem, this is a process of continuous exploration, early technology you may feel it is not difficult, to the late, in many similar sites stand out is more difficult. Cave technology Xiaobian here to give you some small suggestions to do web design, I hope to help and inspire you.

First, be good at using concise pictures

Keep in mind that the images are too complex and fancy, which will not only make the site look too simple. The pictures should be concise and easy to understand. When you use images in your web design process, make sure they are not cluttered, obnoxious or incomprehensible. Most people find it hard to look at cluttered, colorful pictures. You're more likely to get the user's attention when you use a face image, especially if the face is staring at the user. Of course, you can also use the direction of the eyes to guide the user in a certain direction.

Two, in the web page with small objects to attract audience

The small items in question, such as a tagline for a user to draw attention to, a button for a call to action (usually in bright colors), are classified 1-2-3, or just a regular list. If you're writing a long article, it's important to look for subheadings. Use the appropriate title to explain the topic of the article to the user in these simple steps. Subheadings get more attention than other content.

3. Picture and text format

Reasonable text formatting is more intended for reading. Words will get more attention than those great pictures! If you want to communicate a message to your users, I recommend using big banner text instead of flashy pictures. Don't be afraid to use too many paragraphs, bold, italics, quotes, underlines, or case letters … … Both can make a block of text more visually striking. Of course, you also need to use formatting to emphasize what you think is important.

Avoid designing things that look like advertising

We know that users are blind to ads. They are used to ignoring text ads and picture ads. Avoid designing things that look like ads, and users will ignore large text areas. No one has the time (or rather the patience!). To read a large piece of text, they are just getting the gist of the page.

Five, good at empty pages to reserve space

Be good at empty page to reserve space, also leave blank meaning. Use white space to give your page breathing space. Especially between words and content. The outflow of white space allows the text to have a gap, which also helps users read and optimize the site.

6. Understand the F structure

Some visual tracking studies have shown that the top of the page is always visible, which means that the user's visual path through the site is similar to that of the letter F. The middle area is only half visible, and below that only the left part is visible. This gives you a clear direction for the layout of your site, something to consider if you're not sure where to put a block of content at the time of your design.

Use the top left corner of your website

It's an accepted fact that the top left corner of the site is where your eyes spend the most time. The main reason is that most people read books and articles this way (starting at the top left). We usually put the LOGO in the top left corner, which is nice. But consider adding one or two other elements in the location to make it more obvious, such as a link to sign up, a form to search for, a banner, etc.

8. Highlight the theme

Your users have a limited amount of time on the web, so you don't have enough time to engage them and keep them coming back to your site. This means that you should be as accurate as possible in describing what your site is about, highlighting the theme. If it takes the viewer more time to figure out what the site is about, he'll give up and leave.

Above is how to do some suggestions for web design, specific how to do or you need to continue to study and try to make a good web design, as for web design is difficult, everyone has different opinions, refer to the above practices, I believe you will make a better page design.

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