Why do we have a website


What is a website?

A website is a fixed place on the Internet where news is posted to the world. It consists of domain name and website space. To measure the performance of a website usually from the size of the site space, site location, site opening speed, site software configuration, site to provide services and other aspects of consideration.

When your business on the Internet, you can enter the world's larger market, but at this time you are just a spectator; When you set up your own website, you are equivalent to having your own booth in this market. You can promote your own enterprise and show your products by setting up a website.  

What can the establishment website bring to the enterprise?  

"Spend less money, do more", is the basic characteristic of the network.

1. Publish the enterprise information on the net, publicize the enterprise image. For very little money, you can be online and present your business to hundreds of millions of customers around the world every minute of every day, 365 days.

2. Conduct information search on the Internet, looking for customers and other activities. You may spend tens of thousands of yuan in the Canton Fair to find a satisfactory customer, but you may spend only a few yuan on the Internet to find a or even more powerful counterpart customers.

3. Conduct business contact with customers by means of E-mail, FAXSAV, Internet fax, etc. A fax that costs tens or even hundreds of yuan can be quickly and accurately sent to your customers by E-mail in just a few seconds.

4. Through the establishment of a website, the development of e-commerce on the Internet. At present, in the United States, the birthplace of the Internet, people have begun to shop online, buy books, and arrange store stores online.

How to build a website?  

There are three common ways to build a website:

First, the establishment of their own website, which requires the company to have professional technical personnel and special equipment, at the same time, the company's network business is large. This is a very expensive approach that works well for big international companies like Yahoo and IBM.  

Two, is to rent their own host and line to establish a website, this way of investment is relatively large, but also need professional and technical personnel.  

Three, is the use of virtual host technology to build websites. There is no essential difference between this way of building a website and the above two ways of building a website, and the investment is small, so it is very popular with enterprises. In the United States more than 90% of the enterprises using the virtual host way to establish a website, in our country like China Chemical Corporation, Qingdao Haier, Qingdao beer, Jiangxi Fuyuan Group, Jiangxi Gannan Pharmaceutical Factory and other such large enterprises website is also established in this way.

Ten benefits of building a website

1. More: a lot of information, you can not only use text, pictures, animation and other ways to publicize their products, but also can introduce their own enterprises, release enterprise news, introduce enterprise leaders, announce the company performance, provide after-sales service, hold product technology introduction and so on.

2. Fast: information is updated fast, the information on the website is updated faster than any traditional media, usually within a few minutes can do new content, so that enterprises in a short time to release new information.

3. Good: good publicity effect, website 24 hours a day for the world publicity

4. Province: the cost of establishing a website is low, certain exceed your imagination, usually establish a website and maintenance costs only need a year of thousands of yuan or so, and thousands of yuan may just be in the TV station to do a few seconds of advertising, in the newspaper to do a version of the money of advertising. In this case, you're building a real website,

5. Full: website propaganda has "three full". One is all-directional, two is all-weather, three is the world.

6. Special: after the establishment of the website, you will soon find its unique advantages, you can publish surveys on the website, get new information from consumers, you can also set up a message board, listen to the voice of consumers, but also can set up a BBS, ask consumers to give advice for the development of the enterprise. You can also register your website with the world famous search engine, so that anyone who needs your products can quickly retrieve your products and come to your website.

7. Name:

The establishment of a website to establish a corporate image is very good, your enterprise will be in front of the world with a vibrant, full of vitality, quickly accept new things, ahead of the trend of The Times, the image of continuous development. You can't buy it.

8. Easy: It's very easy to set up a website. You don't need special equipment, professional staff, or approval from the publishing department or advertising department. You just need to make sure you want to set up a website.

9. Carry out e-commerce: in fact, in addition to the establishment of a website can promote the enterprise, the greater benefit is to carry out e-commerce, you can open the exhibition in their own website, you can carry out online ordering, online trading, the future can also achieve online settlement through electronic currency.

10. After the establishment of a website, you can also make better use of the advantages of the network, carry out network fax, Internet telephone and other services, fully enjoy the rapid and cheap network brought.

What can the establishment website bring to the enterprise? Simply put, it can bring real benefits. Cave Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the relationship between "brand" and "vision", providing a full range of website planning, website construction, website marketing, website optimization and promotion services. Service + quality feedback your wise choice!

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